What Do Your Numbers Say About Your Health?


e743e9942b9238e2e3ae200ad4bd788bPop Sugar has put together this amazing picture that regards our health in numbers. Sounds confusing? Well it’s really not. I mean, think about it…our lives consist of nothing but numbers. The time we get up and go to bed, how many hours of sleep we get, the hours in which we work, how long we work out for, weighing and measuring our food…it’s all numbers! So thanks to PopSugar, they took the most important numbers that we should remember on a daily basis and in general when it comes to our health and being as healthy as we can be. So check it out and see how many of these you actually do and for the ones that you don’t, then try and make changes to your lifestyle that will incorporate these! Click MORE to see your health in numbers. 





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