Cooking Steak Properly


4e50897ec88a15f9594ea1aa9688fe5bI love steak. Seriously, I do. And most of the time I eat it is when a male (usually my dad), cooks it for me. But I thought it was about time that we ladies learn how to cook meat on our own. You can easily set your oven on broil and then use this guide to see what the steak will look like depending on how long you cook it for. I’m a medium well myself and I tried this method on a balsamic marinated flank steak I made and it turned out perfectly. So ladies (and gentlemen), don’t be intimidated by trying to cook a steak for the first time. Just go and do it! And I mean honestly, who wouldn’t want to impress their man with a steak dinner that they didn’t have to cook?! I know I would 😉




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