Top 10 Cheap & Fabulous Mascaras


0a9927006311e4cd6d0f4a774aa71f93Okay ladies (and maybe a few men), we all know that certain drugstore makeup brands and certain types of makeup that can be bought in a drugstore work just as well as your higher-end products. It’s simply just a matter of knowing which brands and products are the winners. So today I’ve chosen mascara which is much easier to pick and buy in a typical drugstore then say…foundation, which is bought and chosen based on skin types, ingredients, etc. Lucky for us, and myself, Beautiful Makeup Search found the top 10 drugstore mascara’s that lengthen, thicken, volumize, and whatever else you can think of while not breaking the bank. Plus, once you find a brand that you like, it’s fun to try out their different mascaras that they have in their line. A personal favorite of mine is Covergirl. They work fantastic and give me fabulous lashes while being packaged in fun, vibrant colors. What’s your favorite?





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