The Classic White Tee


257bf7f0f25be310bfb31a14f3ea29f1I’m an absolute sucker when it comes to a white t-shirt. It seriously doesn’t get much more classic than that, though I’m usually the one who’s putting the ‘ass’ in ‘classic’. (And no it’s not a reference to the size of my ass, but the way I usually seem to make a fool out of myself.) The great thing about a t-shirt is that you still get variety. V-neck, scoop neck, square neck…you get my point. I wrote two posts in the past about pairing certain necklaces with the right necklines and the perfect necklace length, which are equally important when it comes to adding your accessories. Thankfully though, as you can see in these images, you can easily use all sorts of necklaces with a classic v-neck T-shirt which makes your look completely different every time you wear a different one.





2 thoughts on “The Classic White Tee

  1. I share the same love for the plain white tee shirt ❤ I love how classic and versatile it is. I love wearing mine with dark skinny jeans and statement jewelry! It's all about accessories!!

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