Shopping Tips For Petite Women


Rachel-Bilson-Orange-Jacket-Nude-Open-Toe-BootiesBeing 5’9″ (and a quarter), I sometimes tend to forget that height is a huge factor when it comes to dressing a certain way. Obviously, not all clothing trends or patterns or shapes are meant for everyone. There are certain rules and advice for dressing people that are tall or short and finding tips is always helpful. Therefor, I thought I would cater specifically to those of you who might be reading this that are on the petite side. Style Caster put together this awesome list of 8 amazing tips that tell you what to avoid, what to wear, and even how to give the illusion of being taller than you really are.



2 thoughts on “Shopping Tips For Petite Women

  1. Sometimes some styles of underwear can seem a little complicated.
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  2. Nothing is hotter this season than the classic shirtdress, which
    is tailored enough for work but still exudes a sassy attitude.

    By the mid 1980s high end fashion and designer denim brands were every where.
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