Low Calorie (High Flavor) Starbucks Drinks



I know some of you might not want to admit it, BUT we all know that there are many of us who want to know how many calories are in those Starbucks drinks. Well, instead of having to creep around the coffee shop looking for a nutritional guide, here is a list of a few popular drinks and their calorie amounts. You can still have your weekly (or daily) Starbucks drink without worrying about crazy calorie amounts and you certainly don’t have to sacrifice flavor. One of my personal faves, especially during the summer, is the Iced Passion Tea WITHOUT sugar. Then you can go and add some zero calorie splenda to make it a bit more sweet. During the colder months I loveeeee me some Skinny Vanilla Latte. Seriously, it is SO GOOD! And remember, these are all based off of the TALL size so if you want a bigger one, make sure you realize it might be a bit more calories than what is listed on the left.


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