Detoxing After A Weekend



Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d share this gem of info for those of you who are planning a weekend full of drinking…and more drinking. OR, perhaps you are not much of a drinker and just having a few drinks this weekend will make you feel a little crummy and craving a detox. Well, thanks to Muffintop-less, here are 5 ways to get you feeling refreshed and back to normal! Click more to read the 5 steps! 


1. Shake it off. If you’re feeling guilty about the weekends festivities, don’t. They’re in the past and you can’t change them. Beating yourself up won’t help anything! In fact, stress can increase the hormone cortisol. This hormone is sometimes referred to as “the stress hormone”. Although it is an important and helpful part of our body’s response to stress, it’s important that it not remain elevated very long, as this can cause a variety of ailments. Some of these issues include decreased bone density, higher blood pressure, lowered immunity, suppressed thyroid function and increased abdominal fat. If the weekend made you feel crummy, consider toning down whatever it was that made you feel bad in the future! Also, keep in mind that more often than not, that extra five pounds that you see on the scale after a weekend of partying is likely just water retention. So don’t panic… it’s unlikely that you put on five solid pounds of fat!!! Take a deep breathe and focus on the present! There are several things you can do to get yourself back on track.

2. Hydrate to flush out toxins! When people drink alcohol, they tend to crave high-fat and/or high-carbohydrate foods. These foods are also typically high in sugar and salt, which tends to cause water retention. In order to get rid of the extra water weight, you actually need to drink MORE water. It sounds counterintuitive… but look at it this way: our bodies are built to survive. When we aren’t drinking water regularly, our body clings to what little it has in order to keep our organs functioning and alive. Aim for about a gallon a day to help get rid of the water retention and flush out toxins!

3. Consume nutrient dense foods. More often then not, junk food, virtually void of nutrients, is consumed when alcohol is involved. (Taco Bell anyone?) Eating fare that is high in vitamins and minerals will help replenish your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive! You may want to keep your carbohydrates relatively low for the first day or two, especially if you consumed a lot of them over the weekend. Fill your plate with lean protein, healthy fats, fibrous vegetables and a piece of fruit at one or two of your meals. The decreased carbs will aid in reducing water retention. Start adding back in starchy/complex carbs like sweet potatoes and oats around the third day.

4. Supplement with probiotics, a multi-vitamin and an omega-3 supplement. The probiotics aid in intestinal health, the multi-vitamin helps fill in the micronutrient gaps in your meals, and omega-3′s help reduce inflammation throughout the body. (Always check with your doctor first, before adding new supplements to your diet)!

5. Last, but certainly not least. Workout! If you are reading this, you’re probably feeling crummy.. especially if you raged all weekend.. but even a brisk walk is better than nothing. Don’t let one weekend of fun, set you back! It’s easy to allow a few wild days or nights be an excuse to quit altogether…. But by quitting, your only cheating yourself out of a healthy, fit, happy body! Don’t give up!

The take away? There is no need to go to extremes. Don’t starve, don’t go on some expensive or crazy detox, and don’t spend hours upon hours in the gym. Replenish your body with nutrient dense fare, drink plenty of water, exercise and don’t beat yourself up! Look at the bright side and never quit!


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