5 Smart Ways To Be A Better Shopper


No matter what your budget, it’s always smart to follow some tips on how to be a better shopper. Here are 5 that you might find helpful…

1. Don’t shop online at night

  • Research has shown that people who shop online after 8 p.m. end up spending ore than those who shop at other times. Usually when you are stressed or tired after a long day, you lack willpower which in turn influences your financial decisions.


2. Buy yourself giftcards

  • Buying giftcards for yourself is an effective way to save money in the long run because they end up forcing you to set parameters for your spending. You can even go a step further and buy them for specific stores instead of prepaid Visas. For example, if you know you will need a new pair of shoes, whether it’s sneakers for working out or a new pair of pumps for work, then buy a card for DSW or OffBroadway which will keep you in check on how you should spend your money on what you need and where you buy it.


3. Stay on top of your returns

  • First off, know the return policies when it comes to the stores that you frequent the most. Usually they will have a pretty good return policy where you get your money back if you keep the receipt and tags on the clothing with 2 or 3 weeks. Secondly, keep track on whether or not you wear new purchases within the first two weeks that you have it. Chances are, if you haven’t worn it during that time period then you might not end up wearing it at all. Therefore, keep your in-store purchases in the back seat or trunk of your car in case you pass by the store when you are out driving so you’ll be able to return it.


4. Make the most of consignment stores

  • If you want to buy name-brand clothing for far less than retail price, pick the best days that are the best time to shop at consignment stores. Usually this is Monday or Tuesday when people are cleaning out their closets. Secondly, know the store’s markdown schedule. A lot of consignment stores follow a 30, 60, or 90 day schedule where the longer an item is in the store, the better chance you have of finding it marked down. Lastly, don’t be afraid to negotiate prices! If you’ve seen an item that’s been in the store for a while, feel free to ask for a steep discount. The salesperson will most likely counter your offer with a lesser discount but one that is still a lot better than the price listed.


5. Find deals on Instagram

  • With social media becoming so prevalent in this day and age, it’s no surprise that we can now use it for fashion and shopping! Try searching hashtags for things like #sale, #flashsale, and #deal to discover sales in your photo feed.



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