Styling Denim For Fall Fashion


With fall appearing right around the corner, it’s time to break out all things denim…especially in new ways that can be styled according to trends and what you like to wear. Obviously denim jeans are a must-have but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Pair them with some cool heels like the open toe ankle strap heels, a popular shoe that has been seen all over the runways and on the feet of every fashionable person in cities across the world! With a contrasting shirt in a lighter denim and an awesome, fun-colored tweed jacket layered over, you have an instant hit! My second favorite is a denim vest. I love the look of white and denim so whether you’re still rockin’ some hot white skinny jeans or a simple white dress, a denim vest is a great layering object that transforms an outfit but still gives off a chill vibe. Lastly, the other two pictures are variations of denim skirts that you might think are somewhat similar but changing up the length and color of the denim can give you a completely different look. Personally, I wouldn’t necessarily choose a denim pencil skirt just because with my 5’9″ height I like to take advantage of my long legs and would choose a skirt that was a bit shorter in length. This is a perfect example of taking trends and making them your own with what you feel looks best on you and how you want to show off your best features. Mix up a skirt with a leather jacket and a striped t-shirt and you have that instant “cool, unplanned, downtown vibe.” How will you wear your denim this fall?



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