Gettin’ Nutty


When I need to grab a quick and easy snack that’s yummy and gives me energy, my go-to thing to grab are nuts! I mean, there are so many kinds with completely different tastes so it’s easy to have a variety of them without getting bored. I love making my own trail mix with almonds, cashews, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, and maybe a few chocolate chips in there if I need something sweet! I buy large quantities of the nuts and dried fruit and at the beginning of the week I separate portions into small baggies so I can grab one on the go. It’s fast, simple, and easy to eat when you’re on the move. Just be careful when it comes to buying nuts. Try to stick to the ones that are unsalted, roasted, sprinkled with other things, etc. The more wholesome and natural the better! So take a look at this guide to nuts that gives you the breakdown of calorie, fat, and protein content so you can pick the best nuts for you!




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