Interview Checklist



As a recent graduate (well, I have been out of of school for a year now), interviewing and trying to get a job is extremely important…(duhhhh). Now that I’ve stated the obvious, I’d also like to mention that it is really easy to prepare yourself for an upcoming interview. And the more prepared you are, the less worried and nervous you shall be! So check out this 10 step checklist, courtesy of The Levo League, on what you should remember when planning for a job interview.


  1. Research the company
  2. Know who you’re meeting with
  3. Practice answers to typical questions (Google interview questions to find the most popular)
  4. Bring copies of your resume
  5. Have your references handy
  6. Wear a professional, yet appropriate, outfit
  7. Know where you’re going
  8. Arrive 15 minutes early
  9. Firm handshake
  10. Don’t forget to smile




4 thoughts on “Interview Checklist

  1. Great list! If I can add one…learn and speak their language during the interview! Its a huge indicator that you understand the work culture. Good luck!

  2. And be sure to write a Thank You note. Send it via email since hiring decisions often happen faster than snail mail. My friend in recruiting says that most people don’t do thank you notes anymore – so it is a great way to stand out. A Thank You note is also the perfect way to mention anything you forgot to say in the interview!

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