Shoegasm of the Week: Valentino Rockstud Patent Sandal


In the famous words of Rachel Zoe… “I DIE FOR THESE SHOES.” But seriously, these Valentino Rockstud Patent Sandal’s are out of control. They come in a variety of colors and versions, including flats, one ankle strap, and even three ankle straps. I’m head over heals for the more simple one ankle strap version and love how they look so simplistic with any outfit. Like, throwing on a pair looks so easy and care-free but it seriously makes one awesome PUNCH to your outfit. And studs? How badass is that? But the way Valentino incorporates them onto these shoes in a ladylike yet rebellious nature is simply divine. Okay, I’m done raving about them now.


D'FEMME- Olivia Palermo in Valentino leopard studded kitten heels - LEEOLIVEIRA-2NY20w









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