9 Easy Ways To Make You Appear A Size Smaller


Regardless of what your size and shape may be, there are always styling tricks and tips to instantly help in creating a slimmer and more trim figure. Here’s 9 of them:

1. KEEP PROPORTIONS IN CHECK : If you pair a flowy top with baggy bottoms, that is a sure way to look bigger. The same goes for when you pair a tight top and form fitting bottoms. So strike an even balance by matching slouchier styles with more body-conscious pieces.

-rachel-zoe-resort-2012-denim-jt-1-thumb-466x700-69430 -rachel-zoe-resort-2012-denim-jt-3-thumb-466x701-69432

2. LOOK FOR VERTICAL DETAILS: Horizontal details make you look wider so stick to stripes, seaming, and other vertical elements to help elongate your body.

Vday-ASOS-Shift-Dress-With-Ruffle-Hem-In-Vertical-Stripe-Print-25 1789102

3. CHOOSE FITTED PIECES: Baggy or oversize pieces often make you appear larger than you actually are, while superfitted styles end up putting emphasis on trouble spots. Therefore, tailored, body-skimming pieces tend to give you the leanest look possible.

sng-042a306blk-fnt wholesale-karen-millen-dp326-military-tailored-dress-red_5

4. PICK YOUR PRINTS WISELY: Big, bold prints will help bring attention to particular assets that you may want to show off, while smaller, all-over patterns are a great way to camouflage a certain part of your figure.

SONY DSC IMG_1842.683


5. USE STRUCTURED FABRICS: Avoid superstretchy or thin fabrics because they show EVERYTHING. Instead, use materials like cotton and polyester with no more than 2% spandex that will help give you the smoothest silhouette.

29_8950-1342_65_6 Cotton Yarn Dress - White

6. USE COLORS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE: Wearing a bright shade on the smallest part of your body instantly draws the eye to that spot.

colored blazer1

7. CHECK WHERE YOUR TOP AND PANTS MEET: Anything that cuts you off at the fullest part of your hips will widen you. For a more slimming effect, choose shirts that hit at or just below your natural waist.

8. STAND UP STRAIGHT: Good posture not only makes you come across leaner and seemingly taller, but it also makes your clothes look and fit better.

9. SKIP THE PLEATS: Folded fabric can create extra, unwanted bulk. Stick to skirts and pants with a flat front if you want to appear slimmer.


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