Refreshing Your Makeup


There’s nothing more un-glamorous than crusty old makeup. (Ughh even the word crusty gives me the creeps.) Therefore, it’s always appropriate to know when to keep it and when to toss it. Here’s a general guideline to make sure you and your makeup remain as fresh as possible. Have fun rooting through your makeup bag and getting organized!




Toss after 3 MONTHS

Mascara gets dry and clumpy. To keep it fresh as long as possible, always pullout the wand in a single motion. Pumping it can trap air and bacteria.









Toss after 2 YEARS

Gloss and lipstick will start to look and feel cakey the longer you have it.








Toss after 1-2 YEARS

It won’t give you the coverage you want the older it gets. Powder foundation has a lifespan of two years, but liquid and cream formulations will only last up to 1 year after you first open them.








Toss after 1-2 YEARS

Blush will harden and no deposit the color well. Therefore, you can keep cream for one year and powder for up to two.








Toss after 3 MONTHS – 3 YEARS

Liquid liner is more susceptible to microbial growth, so it should be replaced every three months. Pencil eyeliner on the other hand lasts longer but will eventually become stiff and crumbly so you need to always need to sharpen pencils before each use.








Toss it after ONE YEAR

Polish will start to dry out and become thick and gooey.




** REMEMBER: If it smells funny, has changed color, or its consistency is off, then just trash it! Also, make sure you clean and sterilize your brushes.


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