10 Things Every Woman Should Own In Their Closet


Here is my top 10 list every woman should own in their closets for this season and beyond, from jewelry to coats and even makeup!

1. Menswear Watch – A chunky menswear watch is a great investment for any girl to own. It’s a bold contrast when paired with ladylike pieces. Whether it’s in silver, gold, or even the more fashionable rose gold, you will sure to get use out of it for years to come. My personal fave is from Michae Kors.

            new-michael-kors-gold-chrono-oversize-watch-mk5313-j1631-6ftjj  Michael-Kors-Watches-New-MK5020fw800fh800


2. Light Trench Coat – Trench coats can be extremely versatile. You can pair it with shorts or pants/jeans for a more laidback look or with a dress showing off your sexy legs and giving the illusion that you have nothing on underneath. Go with a classic navy or khaki/white color or splurge on a bright color that will add an instant pop to any outfit.

Celebrities-Wearing-Trench-Coats-Fall-2011 trenchcoats


3. Knockout Heels – A pair of pointy heels can look extremely sexy when worn with a short length skirt or dress. Nude heels elongate the legs making them look miles long, while black is just plain s-e-x-y! If you want to catch people’s eyes, then go with a bright neon color for the summer and pair it with an all neutral outfit. Finally, you can also add ankle straps, mixed materials, or beading for an effortless feminine look.




Two women holding magic flask

4. Sleek Clutch – Use your clutch day AND night, all year round! A great faux python or snake print is a strong and chíc look for any woman and looks great paired with tailored trousers, skinny jeans, or with a dainty dress.

large-sized-faux-snake-skin-clutch-bag rachel-roy-foldover-clutch 513bqZTKdvL._SL500_SS500_

stella-mccartney-caramel-falabella-eco-linen-python-print-clutch-product-1-3391214-007558707_large_flex img_034420121006224122984

5. Chain Necklace – A chunky chain necklace goes with almost anything. With its clean lines, it gives a strong, sexy twist when you try it together with a form-fitting dress.

images  IMG_3997e


6. Simple V-Neck T-shirt – A v-neck can look great dressed up or down. It’s an essential for every woman. Not only do they come in typical standard colors such as white, black, and grey, but also in a range of colors to match anything and everything. Materials vary as well so you’ll be able to find one with a perfect comfort level for you. And when you find that oh so amazing t-shirt, make sure you snap it up in as many colors as possible!

LAMA-WS1073_V1        AG-WS134_V1


7. Good Mascara – Okay so you might not keep mascara in your closet (or maybe you have some weird fetish about it and you do), but I included mascara in the top 10 list because if there is one makeup essential that I require everyday is mascara. It instantly makes your eyelashes bolder and your eyes more awake. Even if I’m going to the gym and have not a stick of makeup on my face, I put on a little bit of mascara and it changes the way I look. It just always makes me feel a bit more pulled together. And the great thing is, there are plenty of drugstore brands that make fantastic mascaras that will definitely NOT break the bank.


lashblast_mascara_1                         Maybelline-Colossal-Volume-Express-Waterproof-Mascara_2a630788e52db5cf14104187fcc6b31a_images_1080_1440_mini

8. Statement Cocktail Ring – Jewelry is such an easy way to play into new and different trends without making a huge commitment. They’re fun and outrageous and definite eye-catchers and can be super cheap as well!!

rings_080509-394x319cocktail rings flower pearl blue enamel

9. Peplum Silhouette – The shape is extremely elongating and is a possible style trend to last for seasons to come. Flattering every body shape, it’s a definitely trend piece to have in your closet whether it’s as a shirt, dress, or even blazer.

Peplum10. Bold Lipstick – Last but not least, is another makeup essential: THE BOLD LIP! Though I personally wouldn’t wear this everyday, it’s certainly something to have that you should break out a few times a week. You’d be surprised at how a deep wine colored lip can transform your entire look.



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