Playing With Paint and Wallpaper


Sometime we need a change around us. Nothing too big, but still able to have a large impact. When it comes to a patch of wallpaper or a small burst of color somewhere unexpected, it can make something look completely different. Here’s a few pictures of some examples of how you can add some color or wallpaper to your furniture that may even spark some of your own ideas!

6df703c1c214c5e5453bcf0234f5b3eeThis bright pink color on the inside of the black chest of drawers is so unexpected and fun and instantly adds a bright burst of color and happiness.

535029b0d51c44195487e5e09572e087This bright pink color is more bubble-gummy than the one pictured above, but surprisingly looks more subdued and classy when paired with the antique bookshelf.

57366068da29359799c620721ac102b5If you find yourself with open cabinets in your kitchen, try adding an accent wallpaper against the back. It’s a great way to brighten up your kitchen and add a unique feel that you don’t normally see.

bda34e8c71dbc19fd9222b436edf8f61If you have a plain set of drawers that you’re wanting to refurbish, instead of painting it one color all over, try the ombré effect that has become such a phenomenon in hairstyles and nails and even clothing! Go and grab a paint swatch of a color you might like and get a few samples of the pain of each color and voila! Instant chíc-ness!

fa906f8f55e66dc6850de5ad582439d2  To update your bedside table, try taking out the bottom two drawers and line the inside with an accent wallpaper that matches some other colors or patterns in your room.


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