DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning


Cleaning our makeup brushes that we tend to use on a daily basis is just as important as washing our faces morning and night. You can easily go out and buy from the store a pre-made makeup brush cleaner but if you happen to like making your own or you ran out and haven’t been able to go and re-purchase some more, here’s a quick DIY recipe to clean your brushes!

All you need is:

  • Any antibacterial soap/dish soap (antibacterial is important to sterilize the brushes and kill bacteria)
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (this will help replenish moisture in the brush hairs)
  • A plate
  • Paper Towels (as much as you need to lay all your brushes flat on)
  • Tap water and a sink
  • Your dirty brushes


  1. Pour 3 parts Antibacterial Soap and 1 part Extra-Virgin Olive Oil on your plate
  2. Mix together
  3. Dip brush into mixture on the plate
  4. Place brush in your hand and move brush back and forth (you will see the mixture froth up and some product from the brush begin to come out)
  5. Run the brush under the tap water while still moving the brush back and forth
  6. While under the water, take your hand and starting from the base of the brush hairs, gently squeeze downwards (you will see the product being forced out of the brush and land in the sink)
  7. Put paper towel on a flat surface and place cleaned brushes on it to dry (the paper towel will soak up the extra water–it normally takes a few hours for the brushes to completely dry)



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