Item of the Day: The Map Necklace


So a few months ago in August, I took an amazing trip to Bermuda that was truly life changing. I had just graduated from college and I was ready to go out, meet new people, and have adventures. Over the course of 12 days that is exactly what I did. I made friends and met people that I still keep in contact with and look forward to planning trips to see them in the future. I tried new foods and did crazy fun activities and just LIVED. Bermuda is now a place that I will hold dear in my heart…

ANYWAYS, when I came across this map necklace by Three Jane, I knew instantly what address in Bermuda I wanted to have engraved. It’s such a unique idea for a necklace that can mean a lot to someone when they engrave a location that truly means something to them. All you have to do is pick the address and they engrave it onto a 14K gold plate and mark the exact location with a tiny, little diamond and voíla! I recently placed an order for my necklace and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.





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