Embellished Sweatshirts


For those of you who aren’t struggling like I am to get through these winter months, then I applaud you. Hopefully you are enjoying warm weather and  sun. I, on the other hand, am experiencing Canadian winters at their finest which means I still have to bundle up all the time! Sweaters and sweatshirts have obviously become a necessity but that doesn’t mean I’ll wear some boring, ratty old sweatshirt. I still love them with some pizazz! Enter…the embellished sweatshirts! A dream for people like me who are dealing with cold weather but still want to be fashionable and chíc like usual. Here are my top 3 favorite embellished sweatshirts!

1. Funktional “Weiland Sheer Back Sweater” $90 – This tops my favorite 3 because not only is it black and full of gold sequins on the front, but the sheer back is such an awesome twist! Ughhh I’m dying over it. I absolutely love it!

gold-black-top-3 gold-black-top-5


2. Club Monaco “Greta Top” $119.50 – With a fantastic rhinestoned jeweled collar, you don’t have to worry about wearing a necklace!



3. MNG by Mango Sequin Shoulder Sweatshirt $53 – Another soft comfy sweatshirt with cute sequin details on the shoulder that makes it just a smidge more dressy.



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