Smokey Eye Tutorials


When it comes to trying out new beauty techniques, whether it be hair or makeup, I always need as much help as I can get. Tutorials have become an absolute lifesaver for me in showing and teaching me exactly how to achieve a particular look that I’m going through. Though I do enjoy watching helpful tutorial videos on YouTube, sometimes it’s nice to just have step by step pictures. In this case, I wanted a relatively easy step by step tutorial on how to achieve a smokey eye and these three images that I found have truly helped me out!

This look is definitely more wearable for the day, as it uses lighter colors but still gives a smokey effect.


This smokey eye look is not as drastic and full on, which is good if you are still transitioning and trying out darker shades.


Lastly, this smokey eye is full on and glamorous!



4 thoughts on “Smokey Eye Tutorials

  1. I’m terrible at the smokey eye as well which is why I had to try it out again once I saw these pictures and how they made it seem so easy. And so far, it’s really not all that hard to do!

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