Yogurt Covered Frozen Blueberry Bites


I don’t know why, but during the holiday season my sweet tooth always seems to be in overdrive. It begs for more, more, MORE sweet treats. Therefore, if I can find a snack that is both sweet AND healthy, then I end up killing two birds with one stone and don’t feel guilty for overindulging. Here’s a quick and easy recipe for whenever your sweet tooth starts tingling!



  • Blueberries
  • Greek yogurt (any flavor you prefer)


  • Stick a berry with a bamboo skewer (a toothpick would work too) and dip/swirl it in the yogurt. Then ease it off the end of the skewer and onto a cookie sheet. It’s easier to do this if you just barely stick the berry onto the skewer.
  • Keep dipping and swirling until all of the blueberries are gone or you run out of yogurt and put them in the freezer.
  • Leave them in for an hour initially and then pop them off the cookie sheet and into a plastic container or baggie and enjoy!



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