Shoegasm of the Week: Brian Atwood Zenith Lux


I swear I would walk into any place I could, just so I could turn around and walk out moments later for people just to see the back of my shoes. Talk about an exit! Not only are the Zenith Lux the most exquisite color purple I have seen in the longest time, but the jeweled pattern on the back almost reminds me of a peacock’s feathers all beautifully spread out. I can sit here and imagine myself wearing a simple white dress and these stunning shoes that would easily attract the attention from everyone! Guys, girls, dogs, cats…you get my drift. Turns out the shoes come in a classic black as well as a muted bubblegum pink color which is unique in and of itself. If I had $1,445 lying around, you could bet your ass that I would be at the counter paying for these shoes. Oh Brian Atwood, I have officially fallen in love. And by the looks of it, so has Eva Longoria who can be seen wearing the shoes in black AND pink. Lucky bitch…. Brian-Atwood-Zenith-Lux-Fall-2012eva-longoria-gallery





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