Oh So Luscious & Full Lips


Unless you’re Angelina Jolie, I’m sure you’ve wished at some point for your lips to be just a tad bit bigger and fuller. I’m not talking the size of DUCK LIPS or anything, but a little more fullness never hurt anyone. Today I happened to be trying on a new lipstain color that I got and for some reason my top lip just didn’t look as full as I would have liked it. Well, fate intervened in the way of good ‘ol Pinterest and I found myself with a link to The Beauty Department who happened to have a quick little photo tutorial on how to trick others (and yourself) into having fuller lips! It’s so genius that I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t have the brains to think of it. Oh well, I’ll skip on feeling bad for myself and instead enjoy my new fuller, and more luscious lips! Here’s the advice and the how-to:

  • If you have fair to medium skin, use NARS Larger Than Life Liner in Rue Bonaparte. If you have tan to dark skin, use Stila Kajal Liner in Topaz.
  1. Start by tracing the two lines of your philtrum from your nose to your upper lip. Then trace the cupid’s bow (the area between the lines) and from each point to the outer corners. Only line the upper lip (leaving the lower lip natural).
  2. Lightly blend the line with your finger to make it undetectable but enough to still do its job.
  3. Finish by filling in your entire lips with a color/finish of your choice. We used Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Rhubarb but you can use a liner + lipstick, just lipstick, just gloss or a tinted lip balm… whatever you are in the mood for that day!


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