White Out


Winter White. The topic of wearing white after labor day always seems to be brought up time and time again. Though some people still try and abide by the ‘no white after labor day rule’, others know that rules were meant to be broken. Ultimately, people should be able to wear what they want, and if that so happens to be white during the winter months, then go for it! However, just like you wouldn’t wear a turtleneck in the dead of summer, you also shouldn’t wear a summer white during the winter. This is where “winter white” comes into play. With a more creamy undertone, winter white is a perfectly acceptable shade that can be worn. In addition to the shade, the type of fabric is also essential. Wool, satin, cotton, and silk work best.  The top 3 ways to add some winter white to your wardrobe include:

  1. Sweaters
  2. Coats
  3. Handbags


Pair a white sweater with dark denim skinny jeans, boots, and your look will be sure to brighten up any room.

Oh My Love Sweater With Stud Shoulders $68.60


A white coat is a great winter white accent piece to include. It’s refreshingly cheerful and incredibly chíc.

Bebe Wool-Blend Asymmetrical Trench Coat $400


Since white is a neutral color, you’d be sure to get tons of use of a white purse during the winter since it can be paired with virtually everything!

Tommy Hilfiger Tasseled Pebble East-West Satchel in Winter White $198


One thought on “White Out

  1. Belive it or not, white can be a warm color matched with e.g. brown (fur) coats/vests and boots. And if you are a brunette, it will be a guaranteed success.

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