A Stroke of Genius


I’ll be honest, the only time I use any sort of makeup brush is for eyeshadow or applying powder/bronzer. THAT’S IT. I’m not a makeup artist so I’ve never had a reason to go out and buy all sorts of different brushes. However, I’m learning that they are certainly more useful when it comes to applying certain things. For example, I try not to wear foundation that often but when I do need it, I mostly apply it using my fingers or a makeup sponge. BUT it turns out that it’s way easier and looks a lot better when using a foundation or stippling brush. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that it should be necessary to have a few key makeup brushes in my possession. This being said, I find it a lot easier to rely on beauty companies that sell prepackaged kits of the key important brushes every girl should have. Sonia Kashuk has an amazing line of brush sets that I have always seen whenever I am in Target. Whether you are looking for a simple travel set, an essential eye kit, or a ten piece brush roll, there is something for everyone! And the great part is that the price range is anywhere from $11 – 65.  They have fun designs on them and usually include a sleek case to hold the brushes. Here are some of my faves!



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