Smell Perfect In All the Right Places


I think its safe to say that us ladies (and men) love to smell good! Wearing our favorite perfumes or cologne makes us feel happy and can instantly boost out moods. Well girls, here’s a quick beauty cheat sheet, courtesy of Cosmo, on how to smell good all night long by strategically placing your perfume in the top 3 areas.

  1. First dab some Vaseline on the front of your ankles and the backs of your knees. Since scent rises, its key to spray perfume in these spots. As soon as you are done dabbing the Vaseline on, spritz with perfume!
  2. Secondly, spray just ONE of your inner wrists and then press them together for about 5 seconds. DON’T RUB.
  3. Lastly, mist your cleavage and the area where the bra cups connect. This area is great at propelling scent molecules.

Now slip on your favorite heels and you are good to go!


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