On Display


Personally, I like having all of my most prized possessions (shoes, clothes, jewelery, handbags, etc.) out and organized so I always know what I have. This way you can put together outfits quickly since you know where everything is and can be spotted in a heartbeat. The older I get and the more shoes I seem to collect, I find myself storing them in boxes and containers in my closet, underneath the bed…anywhere I find room. But unfortunately, this leads to me forgetting what I have! (Don’t get me wrong, finding shoes when you least expect it is always a cheap thrill I will enjoy). So lately I’ve been researching cool ideas on what better ways to store/display shoes which  is how I discovered the “SHOECASE”. Aka, bookcase for shoes. It’s a pretty genius idea if you think about it. When you find yourself running out of room in your closet, then find yourself a bookcase, put it in your room, and fill it with your favorite shoes! I mean, they are works of art, so you might as well display them!


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