Furry Vests & the Art of Layering


As the temperature continues to drop and winter quickly approaches, layering has become one of my good friends. However, there is a fine line between layering in a chíc and glamorous way, or looking like a homeless person, so proceed with caution. One of my favorite pieces to layer is the (faux) fur vest which can be worn pretty much through every season if done the right way. During the warmer months, some choose to wear a fur vest over a thin tshirt . As it gets colder, you can find it covering long sleeve thsirts, sweaters, and eventually lightweight jackets. When it gets pretty nippy out, one of my favorite combo’s is wearing my black leather jacket with my dark gray oversized furry vest. The result is a glam, rocker sort of look. How do you layer with the fur vest?


2 thoughts on “Furry Vests & the Art of Layering

  1. This is great – I have a fur vest but never do anything very exciting with it. Maybe I’ll throw it on with my faux leather skinnies and see what kind of trouble I can get into 🙂

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