A Type of Stain You Don’t Want to Wash Out


LIP STAINS. Highly underrated if you ask me. I used to think lipstick was relegated to little girls trying on their mother’s makeup, or 60 year old women. I know, I know, that’s quite an age difference. But you must hear me out! I had a friend in college, just one, who wore lipstick. She immediately got nicknamed the “Lipstick Diva”. She was never without her compact and frosty pink lipstick. I loved the girl to death, but I was never not questioning her lipstick decisions. As I got older, I came to the conclusion that if done right, lipstick is perfectly acceptable for my age generation, i.e., 22+ years old. It started with my first lipstick purchase; a sexy, hot tamale red color! Though it was love at first sight and I couldn’t wait to wear it, I quickly realized that I could only wear lipstick when I had the patience to constantly check and make sure it wasn’t on my teeth or all over my mouth. Though I loved having fun, different colors on my lips, I needed something better…introducing LIP STAINS! Though there might not be quite as many shades and colors of lip stains as there are for lipsticks, there is still any color in which a girl could want, including those “at the moment” trendy shades. When I am applying the lip stain at the beginning of the night, I am always super careful to put it directly on my lips and then patiently wait while it dries. And then when it does…VOILA! Beautifully colored lips that are mess free and stay that way for a few hours. So my advice is: If you haven’t ever tried a lip stain, do so now. Start small and get a normal shade that you can wear on a daily basis. Once you become accustomed to them and fall in love like I have, then go out and get a ton of shades that you’ve always wanted to try out! CoverGirl makes a fantastic line of lip stains that are super fun and inexpensive! They are a great starting point for newbies.


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