Coveted Color Combo


Who doesn’t love a color combination that leaves you weak at the knees? NO ONE. This being said, one color combo that I’m itching to break out is navy, gold, and fushia. Let’s be real. We all have navy in our closet. (Jeans anyone?) And I’m sure gold is one of the main jewelry staples in a woman’s box of treasures. Fushia (or a pinkish color), perhaps, may not be a particular color that everyone has in their closet but after seeing how this combo works, I’m sure you’ll be digging deep to see if you have some article of clothing of this color and if not, I can already hear your tires screeching out of the driveway to the nearest store. But the great thing about color combos is the fact that you don’t have to stick with the customary navy jeans, fushia top, gold accessories. You can have fushia pants, a navy blouse, a gold purse, or even switch them all around! As long as you are wearing one thing of each color, it doesn’t matter if it’s a dress, shirt, pants, or even lipstick! So use these images as a starting point in how you might incorporate this color combo in your life. I know I will!


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