The Art of the Accent (Nail)


Now when it comes to beauty and creativity, whether it’s hair, makeup, nails, etc., I always find myself at a loss. A loss of what, I have yet to figure out, but something is always missing. So when I find a a beauty trend that is easy to do and looks abso-freaking-lutely fabulous, I latch on like an unwanted STD and wear the shit out of it. This so happens to be the case of the simple accent nail. Aka, paint every fingernail the same color, except maybe the ring finger on each hand. The ring finger for me is always the accent nail, probably because there is a lack of a ring on it which means I must do something to spruce it up. Ever since I came across this trend a few months ago, I can honestly say that I haven’t painted all of my nails the same color since. I mean, why even bother? It’s so much more fun not to do that. And now that I’ve seen the hands of celebrities and even one of the Real Housewive’s from the OC wearing the trend, why stop now? So if you haven’t jumped on the accent nail bandwagon, now is the time to do so. Especially since it seems to be evolving with TWO accent nails on each hand. Sparkles, stripes, zigzags, polka dots, glitter…mix and match to your fancy!

P.s. as you can see, this lucky bitch has both an accent nail AND a ring on her ring finger. But I’m no hater, and this picture, is awesome.


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